Famous Celebs Who Have Never Married

By Lyra Radford | August 11, 2017

For awhile there it seemed like running off to get married (multiple times) was a common thing to do among celebrities–especially the Millennial generation. Now that trend seems to have died off and more and more people have decided to steer clear of wedding madness altogether. They focus on themselves, their careers, philanthropic endeavors... and that’s about it! 

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There are plenty of celebrities have never been married and not just the Millennials either, tons of celebs, from their 40s and well into their 70s have never been married and have no desire to ever do so. Some don't believe in the institution of marriage as a whole, while others just don’t have the time or patience to settle down. They already have financial security and in many cases children of their own, and they just don’t see a purpose to getting married. 

Al Pacino

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Al Pacino is a notorious dodger of the marriage topic in interviews and in life. With three kids of and a long list of former lovers, The Godfather did consider marrying actress Beverly D'Angelo (who he has twins with) but the two called it quits instead. He has also had a long-term relationship with Diane Keaton but wasn’t able to tie the knot with her either. Now he’s dating 37-year old actress Lucila Sola.