Woodstock Photos Reveal Peace, Love, And Politics In A Way We've Never Seen Before 

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Woodstock came to represent the entire 1960s protest movement 

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Woodstock took place at a time where the freedoms of women and blacks were something that needed to be fought for. The war in Vietnam, civil rights, women's rights, and gay rights; the festival came to represent more than just music, it suddenly stood for the entire 1960s protest movement. 

It was a celebration of generational revolt

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Woodstock was an expression of a generational revolt, to quote the Rolling Stones - "It's the singer, not the song". The anti-establishment cultural phenomenon that reigned throughout the 1960s may have been expressed through song but those who believed in the message were the real driving force. 

A generation lost in space 

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The Woodstock generation were all defined either by the Vietnam War itself or the anti-war movement. They were a generation surrounded with both government propaganda and anti-war rhetoric. Most of the music tapped into the resulting frustration. It expressed disgust for war, the government, and society’s frauds. There was a sense of weariness, yet a strong refusal to conform or take any part in it. They didn't know exactly what to do or where to go, but they knew there was a lot wrong with the way things were.