Why Mar-A-Lago Is The Place To Be

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Mara-a-Lago, a grand estate in Florida, is known for its picturesque views and lavish amenities. Located in the heart of Palm Beach, the Mar-a-Lago spans twenty acres of land and houses 126 rooms. Construction of the estate took place over a period of three years and was completed in 1927. It was originally owned by heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post who was one of the richest women in the world with a fortune estimated at $250 million. Twelve years after her death in 1973, the mansion was purchased by wealthy businessman, Donald Trump, who currently serves as the 45 President of the United States of America. He transformed Mara-a-Lago and it is now known as the Mara-a-Lago Club. This famous mansion continues to capture the attention of many, and it has been occupied by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and the late Michael Jackson on his honeymoon in 1994. Here are just a few other reasons why Mara-a-Lago is the place to be.


In the 1920’s and even to this day, it was customary for the rich and famous to spend lavishly. However, Marjorie Merriweather was unlike any other. She became the socialite of the century when she opened the doors of the estate to the fanciest parties and events, attracting America’s elite, as well as socialites from all over the world. Only the best of the best were seen at the estate, particularly during fundraising events like the International Red Cross Ball, which was frequently held at the estate. Marjorie became quite the trendsetter and made black suit and tie events very popular. Other wealthy individuals followed the trend and hosted their own parties, making Palm Beach the ideal winter solace.


After Marjorie Merriweather’s death, it was revealed that she left the property to the United States Government in her will. Her dream was to have it be used as a “Winter White House”, where presidents and dignitaries from foreign countries could visit during the cold season. Due to high cost maintenance, this did not materialize at the time but the beautiful estate was announced as a National Historic Landmark in 1980. This prestigious declaration is only afforded to places which encompass the rich history of a particular country.


After Donald Trump purchased the property for seven million, he made some major renovations to the estate. He transformed it into an exclusive member’s only club. A ballroom measuring 20,000 square feet was added, and was adorned with many chandeliers and gold decorations. The elaborate ballroom is also one of the largest in the city. He also included many different amenities to the club such as: five clay tennis courts, a waterfront pool, a croquet court, an exclusive beach club and the infamous Trump Spa and Salon.


In 1998, the Mara-a-Lago was awarded the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Hospitality of Hospitality Sciences. This organization specifically awards organizations in the industry that provide exceptional service to customers. The Mara-a Lago gained further recognition for its quality service and received the Six Star Diamond Award.

Donald Trump has continued to maintain the property since purchasing it many years ago. In fact, he and his family reside in a private wing of the house and are often seen dining with friends. Marjorie Merriweather did get her wish after all, as the estate is now used as a Winter White House by the current president. Mara-a-Largo has become the ideal place to hideaway from the bitter cold of the winter and to enjoy the warmth of the summer. Members of the club continue to be entertained by the many fashion events, wine tasting and charity galas that the heiress began a century ago.

Now, the popular club is known as the second White House, a place that President frequents with foreign leaders.