Trump's First Easter Egg Roll: The Itinerary You Need To See

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 It was Easter time again, when the devout Catholics flocked the churches to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, others capitalize on the long holiday and, yes, all the children scrambled outside for the Easter festivities. Camps, field trips and Easter egg hunts were organized by churches, schools and community groups alike. The White House has its own tradition: The Annual Easter Egg Roll, which is usually hosted by the president of the day. The activity was first held in 1878, by then President Ruthford B. Haynes. It is one of the oldest traditions in White House history. Many were wondering if the tradition would even continue this year, as newly elected president, Donald Trump hadn’t announced a date until late March. Trump did keep the egg rolling after all and the event took place on April 17th of this year. Did you ever wonder though, what the eccentric president had up his sleeve for those kids? Here’s a look at the hilarious itinerary for the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The 139th White House Annual Easter Egg Roll

Date: April 17th, 2017

Start Time: 7:30 .m.

Schedule of Events

Listen to a welcome speech written by Michelle Obama, Melanie Trump’s Ghost Writer!

Melanie Trump is well known for her original pieces, like her July 2016 speech at the Republic National Convention.

Watch out for Sean Spicer, Mr. White House Press Secretary telling the world about the billions of young children rolling in Easter eggs!

No doubt about it, Sean Spicer is definitely going to exaggerate the number of attendees. How many will he say this time?

Story Time: Kids will huddle next to President Trump as he shares his lovely twitter threads about Obama. I’m sure those seven year old’s will definitely appreciate the comradeship.

Come play with President’s Trump favorite pet cats! If they misbehave, no worries, just grab em by the pussy!

Ivanka Trump’s career advice: 5 ways to make it to the top without a degree. As special advisor to the president, Ivanka knows best.

Melanie Trump’s life advice to the little ladies: Marry old and you’ll be rich!- Donald Trump is 24 years her senior.

How to lose a job in 24 days: The Michael Flynn edition.

The former national security advisor gave the kids a little pep talk about the work environment.

Lunchtime with the natives across the border wall!

Naturalised American children enjoyed a hearty meal on the other side of the wall before heading back to the Easter egg fun!

Trump’s Fun and Games- Pinyata style: Pin the missile on the Middle East.

Successful candidates will be awarded with lots of candy and maybe even a medal of honour. Be sure to represent well!

Guess which top gay designer dressed Melanie Trump? The winner takes home lots of candy!

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. The events in the itinerary are purely fictitious and do not represent the views or opinions of the author the company or any parties involved. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.