Trump's First 100 Days: Hits and Misses 

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A) Misses

• Barely two days into office Trump scolds the media like how a father scolds a child. He attacked them for reporting that he had a feud. To top it off, he expressed his displeasure with the discontent of the coverage of his inauguration.

• A halt on the US refugee program caused an uproar in the nation. Passengers were stranded and lots of airports protests took place

• Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was relieved of her duties because she was not in support of the travel ban

• This President sure loves to vent on twitter I’ll tell ya. He threatened the group that opposed him on health care.

• Trump orders a cruise missile strike against Syria after the chemical weapons attack.

• Thousands of displeased Americans protested in cities demanding that the president release tax returns. However, Trump stated that he has no plans to release tax returns anytime soon.

• Trump claims that Obama wiretapped him however, there is no evidence to support that statement.

• The White House Correspondents Association is a group of journalists who cover the White House and the President. The dinner is an event which mainly focusses on the President. Trump however, stated that he will not attend this function because of his ongoing issues with the media.

B) Hits

• Trump puts his presidential pen to work by signing three presidential directives namely:-

 Restoring and expanding the Mexico City policy that’s prevents US aid from supporting international groups that promote abortion. He reiterated “that the taxpayers’ funds should not be given to those organisations that promote abortion”.

 Withdrawing US support for a Pacific trade deal

 Imposing a hiring freeze in civilian agencies with a few exceptions

• Lt General H.R. McMaster takes his new job as being the new national security adviser. Trump praised McMaster and told him that he is going to do a good job.

• New guidance on transgender students’ restroom use was issued. This must have made those students very happy

• An executive order on energy independence was signed and was deemed as “start of a new era in American energy and production and job creation by Trump”.

• An opioid abuse listening session was held with recovering addicts sharing their story. Trump states that this has become an epidemic and they want to help those who have become addicted.

• Trump donates his salary, approximately $78,333.32 since taking office to the National Park Service which is a service which has been caring for the parks in the US since 1916 as stated by Sean Spicer Press Secretary.

• An injured soldier in Afghanistan admitted at the Walter Reed National Medical Centre is awarded a Purple Heart which is a decoration for wounded soldiers.

• Another executive order was signed that may open up Artic waters which could lead to more offshore drilling. Trump states that this is in an attempt to make use of the abundant offshore oil and natural resources

Let’s continue to look ahead for what is yet to come.