Rare Photos Reveal A Different Side To American History

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U.S. intelligence produced possible Hitler disguises 

Source: Daily Sanctuary

When you have a monster in the shape of a man such as Adolph Hitler it’s hard to imagine him finally being extinguished–especially by his own hand. Because of this, conspiracy theories about Hitler’s suicide being staged quickly flooded the world. In fact, there are those who still believe he escaped, after all, evil never dies. U.S. Intelligence even found his death hard to believe and did a mock up of all the possible disguises he could be used to escape.   

Remnants of the Battle of Gallipoli 

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The Battle of Gallipoli began in 1915 and didn’t end until 1916 during WWI. British, French, Australia and New Zealand allies fought against a Turkish Army. The Turkish lost 65,000 troops, whereas the allies lost 46,000 before retreating. These two bullets were found in the aftermath. The Turks still consider this battle to be a defining victory in their modern history. 

Hillary Clinton getting her face painted 

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The former first lady and presidential candidate was once just a fun-loving, carefree girl enjoying college life in the 1960s. Pictured here is Hillary getting her face painted at a Wellesley College event. By 1993 she would be married to President Bill Clinton and then go on to be the 67th Secretary of State to President Barack Obama.