Obama's Secret Recordings At Trump's Office

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“Ignorant” is one of the many words people use to describe President Trump. Why? Because he lacks knowledge about government administration, shows no interest in learning about it, and he behaves in ways that makes us question if he is even capable of knowing things. This billionaire, turned reality TV star, turned President of the United States is so clueless about so many topics, that he is also extremely gullible. He would spend his days watching Fox News and conspiracy theorists, then make ridiculous allegations which cause a frenzy. Case in point: on March 4th, 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted that former President Obama had wire-taped Trump Tower just before the November 2016 elections. Of course, the whole planet freaked out! What did Obama do? What did he find? Can any of the information be used to make Trump disappear from the presidency? Although there is no evidence that Obama surveilled Trump in his Golden tower, we have a pretty good idea of what he could have recorded.

Lots of Fox News

Obama’s “recordings” may have been muffled by Fox News playing in the background. It is no secret that Fox News is a conservative, anti-Obama station. Trump must have had on his TV, looking for proof of his speculations. In February, 2017, Trump completely misinterpreted a Fox News broadcast about Swedish crime, and suggested that a terror attack had happened “last night in Sweden”. Of course, that left the Swedish people scratching their heads, wondering if their memories of the night before were wiped by aliens. Trump later admitted that he was referring to a Fox News broadcast which blamed rising crime on immigrants. But in reality, there was a rise in crime in Sweden towards immigrants living in Sweden, not the other way around.

Alex Jones’ grating voice

Poor Obama. He can’t even get the information he needs because Trump watches so much television! When Tump is not listening to Fox News, he’s probably learning about the next ridiculous conspiracy theory from Alex Jones on the InfoWars show. Tump digested a lot of InfoWars way before his presidency because he thinks it’s news. Obama would have been subject to hearing hogwash “evidence” that the election is rigged towards Hillary Clinton, and that millions of people voted illegally.

Ramblings and pleads

When Obama sifted through the noise of Fox News and Alex Jones, he might have heard Trump talking, but like all of us, he must have had a hard time figuring out his intentions. You see, Trump’s speech is confusing. He has difficulty completing a thought, staying on topic, and sometimes it seems like he’s talking to himself. It must have been hard for Kellyanne Conway during the presidential campaign. She was always on the news defending Trump’s ridiculous claims, and making herself a laughing stock in the process. Obama might have also heard Ivanka Trump, pleading with her father to be a decent human being and apologise for his “grab ‘em by the pu**y” comments. But of course, Trump would have flatly refuse to offer a proper apology because he is misogynist.

While all of this is speculation, it’s not hard to believe. Reality TV star Donald Trump is always looking for the next distraction from his presidential incompetence.