Five Times Donald Trump Lied About His Tax Returns

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Most of us are aware of how important tax returns are. Every tax payer is mandated to issue their annual statement of income, which is then used by authorities to determine if someone owes the state and if refunds need to be given to that person. For several decades, presidential candidates in the United States elections have released their tax returns during election. This will tell us exactly how they spend their money, stating how much is given to charitable organizations. It would help determine if they are actually paying the right amount of taxes and if candidates have any inappropriate relations with foreign bodies or any organization that would prove to be a conflict of interest. These candidates owe it to their country and the people they have been chosen to represent, to be transparent in all their actions, especially regarding money. However, Donald Trump, current President of the United States of America, has not release his tax returns during election and has misled the people on many occasions.