Donald Trump Memes That'll Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing 

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Donald John Trump is currently the 45th, and according to the internet, the last president of the United States. Before assuming his current role in society, Donald Trump was regarded as a successful businessman and a television personality when he started on the show ‘The Apprentice’. His fame has skyrocketed since then with publicity that has never been shown to one political leader in world’s history. For several years politicians have strategized ways to appeal to various groups of people in order to attain their votes. The candidates of the 2016 presidential election of The United States of America aimed to utilize the internet to interact with their voters. As these political leaders try to use the internet to their advantage, others around the world use it as a means of expressing their opinions of the political world and those who lead it. Donald Trump has been and is predicted to be the internet's target for memes. Memes are entertaining and funny. They oftentimes make a mockery of others. 

Donald Trump has had three spouses. Ivana Trump was the first wife. Then later in 1993, he married Marla Maples. His current wife and first or third lady of the United States is Melania Trump, who he married in 2005.