7 Times Sean Spicer Was Rude to a Reporter

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Before we even begin to comment on Sean Spicer’s relationship with the media, we need to first know the man himself. Forty five year old Sean Spicer currently serves as the White House Press Secretary to Donald Trump. Spicer entered the political arena when he was only twenty five years old, when he first worked for Congressmen like Mary Foley on his political campaign. Prior to his current position at the White House, Spicer worked extensively with the Republican National committee. He served as a communications director and chief strategist and was responsible for organizing the social media presence of the party. Spicer was the liaison used to strengthen the relationship between the republicans and foreign nations and is also known to use the media to portray republicans and their mandate in a favorable light.However, in recent times, Sean Spicer has become notorious for making controversial and often false statements about sensitive topics relating to elections, immigration and the Holocaust.