10 Reasons Why Melania Is The Hottest First Lady

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Like all persons in the eye of the public, you probably think you know all that there is to know. Really, what could there possibly be that we do not already know about Melanie Trump? Hmmm. I wonder. But allow us to prove you wrong. Some may say that she married Trump because he’s fully loaded or that he married her because she’s just drop dead gorgeous. But before Donald Trump came into her life Melanie was a lot of things in her own unique and special way. Continue reading and you may be in for a surprise.

1. Modeling from five (5) years old

The first lady was a star from a very young age. She began shining brightly which was the beginning of her modelling career

2. Real name is Melanija Knavs

That’s right! Her given name is Melanija Knavs. However, later in her life when working as a model, the first lady decided to change her last name from the Slovene form Knavs to the German form Knauss.

3. Had an extremely expensive wedding

All little girls dream of that special day. They dream of having a long beautiful princess dress like their favorite Disney princesses. Melania’s was no different. Her wedding gown alone cost $200,000 USD. Her now husband coughed up a good $1,000,000 USD in total for the couple’s wedding.

4. Sexy and Smart

Before meeting her husband the beauty attended the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia where she studied architecture and design. Now that is what we call beauty and brains.

5. She is Multilingual

Moving around for your modelling career I’m sure that you would pick up the languages of the countries where you stayed. Melania Trump boasts speaking four different languages. Of course she can speak her native language of Slovene but she can also speak English (well duh!), French, Serbian and German.

6. Has a favorite TV show

Well she may be the first lady but behind closed doors she is just as normal as you and I. And as normal people we enjoy watching television and we probably even have a favorite show too. Melania’s is “How To Get Away With Murder”.

7. Doesn’t spoil her son

It’s said that her son Barron has a whole floor to himself at their three story penthouse Trump Towers, however, Melania says that despite that fact she does not spoil her son and take care of him like any other mother would.

8. She is a businesswoman

Apart from being the first lady, this powerhouse also owns and runs her numerous businesses. Among them being a watch and jewelry line as well as a skin care collection.

9. She is very tall

When she walks into a room you can’t help but notice her probably because of her height. Melania stands at an amazingly five feet and nine inches tall. Imagine being that tall and still wearing heels. Amazing.

10. Met one of the former US president’s

Back in the year 2000 Melania had the honor of meeting Bill Clinton. The two met and exchanged friendly handshakes. Who would have thought that more than a decade later she would be occupy the seat that had previously belonged to Bill Clinton’s wife.